Monday, 12 April 2010


Hi there … I have been away from here for a while, and you have probably never noticed, but we’re back! Just really to say cheerio … again !

What’s happening is this … apparently the book ‘Cats, Clouds & Flatpacks’ turned out to be the Shetland Times Christmas Bestseller and firstly, many, many thanks to all of you out there who bought a copy. The feedback has been brilliant, and it seems you all seemed to enjoy the nonsense contained within and liked reading about my misfortunes. That’s nice !

The result of this now is that the ‘Times’ are interested in a second book for the 2010 or more probably the 2011 Christmas market, and so I have been busy compiling another selection of short stories to share with you all. There seemed little point in ‘blogging’ them all on here initially, as if they then all end up in the book, there will be nothing new for you to savour or complain about, so hence the forfeit of postings!

However, as I sit and type away on the computer there are other moments, mostly in the life of Elwood, my feline companion, which I think you might enjoy, and so as these little snippets will most probably never end up in any book, I intend to share them on here.

So from time to time, I will hand over the laptop to Elwood, and he will randomly post moments of madness from his life, his thoughts on world events, and his take on the Theory of The Copenhagen Interpretation (The part where the furniture in your house behaves differently when you’re not around) and so on …

He tells me he wants to share with you the time his head went on fire, and so sometime in the next week or so he may scribble down this traumatic story from his life. There are other similar events apparently that he feels may need a wider audience and has listed car surfing, sky-diving, sleepwalking among them. We’ll see if he masters the intricacies of the computer keyboard, and hopefully from time to time a small epistle may well appear.

Meanwhile, once again, many thanks for all your support for ‘Cats, Clouds & Flatpacks’ the book; and hopefully by November I may have managed to write another slim volume of utter nonsense for you to slip unnoticed into somebody’s Christmas stocking for 2010 … or if not then maybe 2011 ;)


  1. Delighted that there is another book in the pipeline - always said there were enough stories for a whole series o dem. Now, joost have to wait for the film version!!!

  2. Thanks! Film ... It's possible Forrest Gump is being groomed for the part :)