Monday, 12 October 2009


These minor events have begun to take on a world of their own, and have now been collated into a book due to go on sale on Saturday 21st November. "Cats, Clouds & Flatpacks" is a paperback with a collection of 15 stories, some of which you may have met before, and some you probably haven't. This is 'the book' that a few folks have been asking - when is it coming?   Well, it will be here soon!

The whole idea of course is designed to make you giggle, and hopefully when you read through the book you will maybe do just that. Laughing is good for you and makes you feel better. Just don't do it with a glass of wine or a cup of hot coffee in your hand. Not a good idea.

If I get the hang of all this gobbeldy-gook I'll keep you posted on the launch date and times, and any other moments that we (that's Elwood and me) think we should share with you. Meanwhile as a taster of things to come, here's a pic showing the covers.


  1. No afore da time Magnie- nice wan.
    Will der be ony UHA stories perchance? Anon of course ;)

  2. Magnie I cannot wait!